Specialists in kidnap, open fire cooking and helping communities find their voice, Bethany and Chris are creatives at Other London, the black sheep of the Mother family. 


They met like all the great matches of the 21C - online.  For six months they hung out on Zoom, swapping origin stories and guessing how tall the other would be when they finally met in person. 


Chris spoke of how his creative practice of graphics, graffiti and fashion was forged in the West Midlands before it was refined in London. First at UEL, then in the moments he could steal away from his stint in broadcast. All before it's final spit shine at SCA 2.0 on a near-impossible-to-win scholarship. 

Bethany waxed lyrical about surf wax from her rose tinted days working as a bar manager in Aus, before totally over romanticising the Old English lyrics she used to translate at Uni of Manchester. Reminiscing fondly of her breakthrough creative moment when her first commercial work was paid for with sex toys.