Greenpeace asked for a big, bold idea to get the UK marching alongside school climate strikers.

We created #TICKTOCK to tell them the time for action was now. ​

A guerrilla project launched in September 2019, we projected our message across landmarks in the UK.

Activists, artists and celebrities joined the movement. Then on the day of the march, we staged a one-minutes noise, alarm clock protest. It was the biggest-ever environmental protest the UK had seen, with 300,000-350,000 taking part, including more than 100,000 people in London

Print ran in The I, The Guardian & The Daily Mirror

20200-1 Climate Strike - 340x262
20200-1 Climate Strike - 340x265 DM_V4_O

Greta Thunberg made an influencer video with us


Billie Eilish turned the campaign into a costume for her tour 

Bliie Eilish.jpg
billie outfit.gif

Artists made TICK TOCK warnings in their style