Lynmouth is seriously underrated as a holiday destination, with people opting for the more exciting cities of Bournmouth and Brighton.  


It's incredible landscape resembles of popular video games, especially with all the craggy cliffs and atmospheric fog.


Lure city dwellers into exploring 'Mistera' in a VR game experience, before making them book a trip to Lynmouth to finish the game.



The game will end on a cliffhanger, the only way to play to the end is to visit the tiny Devonshire town. 

We'll give out Google Cardboard glasses in big stations across London, teasing the VR game experience in posters. 

It's only when players reach the 'end' of their game they realise they've been left on a cliff-hangar. The only way to finish the game is to book a trip to Lynmouth. 

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To reduce the friction between finishing the game and booking, users will be able to book within the game.