Toyota built the Prius for endurance, now you can soup it up, fit for Fury Road

You'll never take another boring Uber ride again. 


We'll release an AR filter for social media that allows you to pimp your Prius to look like it just drove off the set of Mad Max. 

After you've taken pics with your very own War Rig, you'll be able to upload the custom bodywork you've built in AR to our very own Prius mobile racing game. 

Outlast the rest for victory



A Prius Endurance team of drivers will take on the longest cross country races in the world.

We'll capture the Endurance series in a docu-series. Prius will feature races such as Paris to Dakar, recording the distances the team can cover with a single tank of fuel and a full battery.

Viewers will be able to follow the Endurance Team on social media and track their progress using Snap Maps.